More experimentation

28 04 2007

Been playing around with tikiwiki more, hit a couple of snags. Logins and registration is currently problematic (only for x_rob). Also linuxteens is changing name too teenlug!



23 04 2007

I’ve been experimenting with tikiwiki in the hope of putting it on the ltbot site, tiking the site closed for maintanence box was a bad move.

I’ve also written some code for ltbot.

Old blog imported

22 04 2007

MySQL and apache managed to fix themselves on aptitude update and so I have manage to import the old blog enteries.

However update has wrecked my NVIDIA graphics driver. I’m already missing Beryl and Xorg 😦

Merged ltbot and ruby_bot

21 04 2007

A couple of the linuxteens guys started writing a IRC bot in ruby today, well it is now the official ltbot development tree! It is under a BSD license and is available through svn!


20 04 2007

Downloaded the 64 bit Kubuntu Feisty Fawn ISO to burn and install on my new laptop. Windows will be off it as soon as I know I have a rescue disc (to install in a virtual machine).

Now I just have to wait ’till my birthday.

New Laptop

17 04 2007

It’s my birthday pretty soon (18th) and so a laptop was ordered on sunday.

Check it out:

The chipset is fully supported by opensource drivers!


17 04 2007

Hello and welcome to my new blog.
I never did fix my MySQL problems so I can’t import my old blog posts, sorry.