16 07 2007

I’ve been following openmoko for quite a few months now and actually started getting a multiuser environment together, development version of the neo-1973 is out. However parents won’t let me order one :(. Please mum, I need it for development, qemu is just too tedious for such development.

Good news is in a few weeks I’ll hopefully have a bank account I can use to order it.

For those of you that have read this blog and got confused, see and




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16 07 2007

wow… the neo dosn’t have wifi! how’s that possible?

17 07 2007

This release doesn’t as at the time of design there weren’t any wifi chips that were open enough and low powered enough for the device, but in the october (general public) release there will be wifi.

17 07 2007

Why wait for a Moko? Nokia’s N800 (although not a phone) seems to be a perfect Linux PDA. WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash, Bash, GStreamer, Python, ect. Its even got a camera. But hey, I’m gonna wait for an iPhone.

18 07 2007

But, is it as open as open as debian? Or is it locked to one provider (Phone costs $200 but contract costs $1000), and also the iPhone is definitely locked to a particular provider,. The nokia also can’t take phone calls, other than voip.

Neither of the 2 you mentioned have GPS, or are truly open. We have some big plans for openmoko.

19 07 2007

The N800 uses a Debian based OS. Plus there is also a GPS kit which can be purchased for it. Either-way, It will be great to see how OpenMoko turns outs.

19 12 2007
Concerned with security

Very neat handheld.

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