Old blog imported

22 04 2007

MySQL and apache managed to fix themselves on aptitude update and so I have manage to import the old blog enteries.

However update has wrecked my NVIDIA graphics driver. I’m already missing Beryl and Xorg 😦



9 02 2007

I think the CEO’s of a lot of record companies need to be forced to write a 1000 lines of

Copy Protection: A clever method of preventing incompetent pirates from
stealing software and legitimate customers from using it.

Then maybe we might be able to play our music. I found it on the GNU humor pages.

I’m also going to change some of the apache error messages.

Unvalid RSS Feeds

8 02 2007

I had included the web 2.0 youtube video as an embedded object but wordpress + complete RSS didn’t strip out the object as I had expected it to.

Webmin deleted my enabled apache virtual servers and Beryl is crashing on loadup. So I’ve had a fun day.


6 02 2007

I making mess ups all over at the moment.
First webmin, next internel DNS and ssh, then apache config (working now) now phpmyadmin. I’m having a great day.
phpmyadmin is giving 500 error anyone know anything about this error.

Still got no window decorations on beryl.

More Problems

4 02 2007

Still haven’t fixed apache’s ssl configuration. It’s good it is not an important part of the website.
I tried to recompile the kernel and install the latest nvidia drivers today. I recompiled kernel, shutdown X11 and installed nvidia drivers without a hitch. Rebooted and found I had no sound as ALSA was using the dummy driver as default. I tried to run beryl (svn) but it crashed locking everything, even sysrq calls. After forced reboot X11 won’t come up.

Apache config problems

2 02 2007

I’m trying to get apache to do https:// but it refuses anyone no of any ssl/apache config howtos.