Unvalid RSS Feeds

8 02 2007

I had included the web 2.0 youtube video as an embedded object but wordpress + complete RSS didn’t strip out the object as I had expected it to.

Webmin deleted my enabled apache virtual servers and Beryl is crashing on loadup. So I’ve had a fun day.


More SSL problems

7 02 2007

I was remote accessing my server through webmin at school and wanted to use my own CA and ssl certificate however being that I was using SSL in my access generating a new certificate authority certificate causes problems. Without updating both certificates simultaneously you can’t do it while using the same SSL tunnel. You can’t sign the second certificate until you’ve generated the first. My brain starts to hurt.

In the end I generated the CA certificate, locked myself out and fixed it when I got local access at home by turning off SSL and logging in locally (after I closed ports on router) to generate the main certificate. Easy! Although one of my teachers, who doesn’t understand public key cryptography and asked why I couldn’t remember my password, laughed. The ones who did understand cryptography were fine though.